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    70 LAT tworzymy historię
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    70 LAT jesteśmy kreatywni
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    70 LAT realizujemy pasje
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To nazwa projektu, który realizuje nasza Jedynka z Licee International Jules Guesde z Montpellier we Francji. Właśnie skończyła się 4 wizyta grupy 16 francuskich uczniów wraz z dwójką opiekunów.  Językiem wymiany jest język angielski. Koordynatorami projektu są Iwona Grajner oraz Hanna Knopek.
Oto krótka relacja uczniów z ich pobytu w Polsce: 

From the 20th to 27th March, 2019 there was an exchange between I LO in Wodzisław Ślaski, in Poland and Licee International Jules Guesde in Montpellier, France. We have visited a lot of cities and spent a lot of time together. We have asked French students about:

What do you like the most in Poland? They answered that they liked most : people that they ʼve met, food, girls, the way that polish students are studying, kindness of people, monuments, good free time, kompot and rosół.

What do you dislike the most in Poland? Here, the students responded that they had: difficulties in the understanding one other  and too much eating 😊. Some of them complained about weather  and air pollution. A big number of respondents couldn’t find anything what bothered them.  Rebizak Ania

1.Wednesday 20.03.2019

The main aim or this day was for the French group to reach Poland. We had to take  the train at 5.30 AM to Valence Train Station, then take another train to reach Paris Roissy-Charles-De-Gaulle airport. But the thing didn't go as we planned. 

First, the train arrived 20 minutes later. We had to wait and we were a little bit anxious because the time margin that teachers took on was slowly decreasing. At last when we got on the train its driver announced a 2h delay to Valence because of a derailment. We couldn’t assure the Valence's correspondence anymore and we had no choices beside turning back to Montpellier and giving up the idea of going to Poland or try to reach the airport by following the train until Paris station and take the suburb train to Roissy Charles-De-Gaulle. This option was really tight but the teachers decided to try it with the agreement of Mr. Régnery. When we arrived at the train station in Paris, everyone ran and we managed to be very smart and fast. We even arrived in the boarding room 30 minutes before the flight.  

Finally, the flight went well and everyone was happy. We landed and Ms Grajner welcomed us. We took the bus, discovering the Polish surroundings, before arriving in front of the school. Then we joined our pen pals and everyone went to partner’s families. Sacha

 2.Thursday, 21.03.

We spent very nice time in school that day. In the morning we got a meeting at school with the headmaster of the school and we  played games to get to know each other better, after these games we took part in an English theatrical show ‘Peter Black’. Afterwards we went for a lunch in  Wodzisław Śląski. We went to a few different restaurants to eat typical Polish food such as pierogi, kluski, rolada i modro kapusta. Then, we had a walk around the old town.

After the lessons our group went to the capital city of Silesia - Katowice. We went there by train from Wodzisław Śląski to main train station in Katowice. First we went to the shopping center to buy some souvenirs and then we visited Katowice. We went to the main square, Spodek Congress Centre and National Philharmonic Hall. The French pen friends found the capital amazing. It was a great experience for all of us. Afterwards we went to the American pub to eat some burgers and drink Cola. After nearly two hours of sitting and talking in the pub, at 9 PM we got on our home train. During our train trip there was a great atmosphere and it was very funny. We were discussing the differences between Poland and France. That's why some of the Polish and French students believe that Thursday was maybe the best day of this exchange.
JuliaKubica , SamanthaPons, FelixRachas , Christina Klima

 3.Friday 22nd March 2019

At 8 o’clock all of the French pupils went to their partner‘s lessons. So we took part in the French lesson where we spoke about the differences beetwen France and Poland for example we compared the school systems and the food. We also spoke about that what suprised us when we were discovering  this  country.This was very interesting and we heard Polish people speaking in French.Then we went to the religion lesson where the pupils did a test and we watched a video about Jerusalem. After that we reunited with teachers in the classroom 63 and we summed up the morning. Next we played games and ate typical polish cakes named „kołocze“.At half past 10 we attended  two conferences, one about the English language and its different faces, the other one about metaphores and metonymies in everyday life. At half past 12 was time for lunch! We went to the Economic School and we made Polish dumplings with meat and potatoes. Later we ate the mushroom soup with eggs and those dumplings which we made. Everyone of the exchange liked  the food.                              written by Iris,Lina,Agata i Viktoria        

4/ 5. SATURDAY & Sunday  23-24.03.2019

The Polish group’s reflection: Saturday was the hottest, and the sunniest day in the exchange. Me, Kuba, Ania, Jędrek, Kasia, and our correspondent friends Arthur, Solal, Lucas, Ryan and Ethan decided to spend it in the capital of Silesia, Katowice. On our trip we visited most known things around there, like Mariacka Street, Spodek, MCK.

We walked around NOSPR, Silesian Theatre and Silesian Museum. From the roof of MCK that we had been on, we could see the beautiful landscape of Katowice. Our trip took us almost all day, after coming back to Wodzislaw by train we headed back home and had a traditional Polish meal with our families.  

 The French group’s reflection: On Saturday we took the train and then the bus to  Katowice. We ate in "Healthy Burger Restaurant". It was a good idea but a bit expensive. And after eating my burger I was still hungry. We saw the Spodek building, which is an "UFO museum. Then we went onto the roof with grass on it. It was probably the fake grass but it was nice anyway. We slided on the ramps to come down the Roof and we went back to Wodzisław after I drank 1L of coffee. Then we went on Michal's house.

Everyone one this exchange have fun at this hot day. We walked, took funny photos, went to football matches. All things considered we had a great time during this students exchange. We are fully exhilarated that we were given a chance to get to know such fantastic and interesting people and spent time with them. 

 XOXO/ Gossip Girl

6. Monday 25.03.2019 Salt Mine in Wieliczka & Krakow

This salt mine is located in the town of Wieliczka. It’s part of the UNESCO, people come to Poland just to see it. It’s a cultural and natural site. There are about 1,2 million of people that come to see it every year. Since the 13th centers this mine worked continually until 2007, so 700 years of activity. The mine is very well preserved, the wood machines as well. We can find 300 km of corridors there. The deepest go to 327m underground. Some of the rooms have been converted into chapels with salt statues. We can also find an underground lake there. This mine has a legend of St. Kinga. In the 13th century a young Polish prince, called Bolesław, of the Piast Dynasty, decided to get married and for his wife chose a beautiful Hugarian Princesse named Kinga. She didn’t want any gold and jewel for a wedding present, but she wanted something that could serve the people. So when she went to the mine, she threw her engagement ring and waited until a miner would find it. Someone found it and then they could get married and in this spot where they found the ring they found salt. So immediately they built there a salt mine, which is called now Wieliczka.   ANAELLE ET Helene

7. Wednesday 26.03

The day started with a French class. We had two exercises in which we had to know one other. The first task was about asking students to write two true information on a paper strap and also one fake information. And we had to find every people fake information just by hanging around the class. The other game was about asking questions about a chosen topic.
After that, the exchange group was divided into two parts and each group went to a different  baker’s. The first group had to walk about 2 km from school to the Zając’s bakery.

Once there, they had to change their T-shirts into the bakery work shirts. After that, the bakers showed them all the bakery and explained them what each machine is used for.
When the presentation was done, they showed the group how to work with the dough to make 3 different bakeries: pizza, bread and doughnut. When all of the dough was used, they put the pastry into the oven. After  it was backed, they tasted all things they made. It was really tasty.
The second group walked like 30 minutes to arrive into another bakery of Mr Kozielski. We were waiting to enter the backer’s so we were drinking coffee... so after that, we began to bake some little cakes with pastry cream inside. And after that we waited a few minutes for them to be backed and we were able to eat them, that was pretty good! Then we all went into the Old Town in Wodzislaw and chose a restaurant that we had to eat our lunch. The teacher gave us some money to pay for it. As always, it was tasty. 
After everything, we came back at school to chill and write about these experiences. Today evening we have a farewell party in a Willa Restaurant in Rydułtowy. The party will join all the flock of the exchange and the teachers. This will be our last night in Poland...     Malolajous

Dziękujemy uczniom Jedynki biorącym udział w wymianie, a zwłaszcza ich rodzicom za aktywne włączenie się w organizację pobytu młodych Francuzów w Polsce, właścicielowi restauracji Villa w Rydułtowach za gościnę, panu Miszczyk za napoje. Dziękujemy Radzie Rodziców I LO w Wodzisławiu Śl., która pomogła w sfinansowaniu transferu grupy francuskiej z i na lotnisko w Balicach. Dziękujemy panu Krzysztofowi Zielonka z wodzisławskiego Ekonomika za zorganizowanie warsztatów kulinarnych, a także lokalnym firmom w zorganizowaniu warsztatów w piekarni : PIEKARNIA ROBERT ZAJĄC oraz PIEKARNIA KOZIELSKI z Wodzisławia Sl.

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