W dniach 09-16.10.2019 15 osobowa grupa uczniów klas II oraz III  naszej Jedynki  wraz z nauczycielami: mgr Iwoną Grajner i mgr Hanną Knopek, wyjechała na wymianę młodzieżową do francuskiego Lycee International Jules Guesde w Montpellier. W marcu 2019  gościliśmy tych samych partnerów wymiany u nas w Wodzisławiu Śl.

W czasie pobytu nasi uczniowie uczestniczyli w zajęciach lekcyjnych, wzięli udział w 3 ciekawych wycieczkach, a mieszkając w rodzinach francuskich nie tylko poszerzali znajomość języka angielskiego i francuskiego, ale poznawali również kulturę i styl życia we Francji.

Oto  obszerniejsza relacja naszych uczniów: 

Our Travel

On October 8th at 12:30 we started our journey to France - Montpellier. The whole journey took us over 24 hours. For such a long route we chose “Drabas Express”, which has proved to be a great bus company. Although the journey was long, we had a lot of stops to feel comfortable. On our way to Montpellier, we visited the city Orange. The city is inspired by ancient Rome and has many beautiful monuments. And on the way back, we visited Strasbourg. It is a French town on the French-German border. There the inhabitants communicate in a dialect (a German and a French language). The climate of the city is maintained in a medieval style. Agata, Viktoria

09.10.2019 Wednesday  was a very exhausting day, after 28 hours of traveling in the bus we arrived in France. Firstly we visited Orange, a small city with lots of lovely places, then we went to Montpellier which was our trip destination. We met at 3p.m our French partners, talked to them, ate something and made plans for the next few days.          

10.10.2019  Thursday

At 8.00 on Thursday we were welcome at Jules Guesde International High School by the headmaster, the Polish council, two French teachers who took care of us during all the exchange Anna Cociancich and Chris Lacroix, and of course, our French partners. After having breakfast together we went to different classes to observe how the lessons go on in France. About 12.00 we had the delicious lunch in a big school canteen. It was good that each student could choose between 2-3 dishes what they like to eat themselves. Next, together with the French teacher Anna and an English speaking guide we visited Montpellier. It is a big town situated 10 km from the Mediterranean Sea with impressive historical buildings and centre, inhabited by about 250.000 people. Jędrzej

11.10.2019 Friday

On 11th October we went to a small city, Aigues-Mortes, which is surrounded by a thick wall. Being curious tourists we walked the walls and went around the whole town. In this way we had the opportunity to see the traditions of the inhabitants of this place. We saw a race of some horses between which a bull ran. Later we went to La Grande-Motte, a place famous for modern houses in the shape of pyramids and a yacht’s port. Then we strolled to the beach where some of us got into the water and ate the lunch. In the evening we all went together to our friend, Felix, to enjoy ourselves. Shortly speaking, in that day we had a lot of fun seeing so many great places and doing various activities. Olga, Maja i Dorian

The weekend (12-13.10.2019) 

At the weekend French students prepared for us many attractions in the city - Montpellier. Spending time with our friends from France, whom we first time met in Poland in March, we could know each other better. On Saturday we started with the shopping in the middle of Montpellier.Next the whole group came to play a hilarious game-a laser paintball, this game gave us a lot of fun. After the game one of the French friend invited us to his house to celebrate our coming to France. It was amazing.On Sunday everyone was spending time with their partner so we could know more their traditions and their families.Also, the same day some of Polish and France students went to practice bowling. After that fantastic playing French people invited us to a really good restaurant to drink together a cup of coffee. All the whole time we were laughing and talking with each other trying to improve our English. This time will be forever in our memories. Thank you guys for everything!  🇫🇷 Christina Klima and Natalia 

14.10.2019 Monday.

On Monday we were with our group in Sete. We visited the port and city. The attraction was a cruise. During it we watched some oyster farms which were planted in the sea. Later we went to eat at the restaurant. Unfortunately, we did not like the seaside specialties of French cuisine. The next item on the agenda was a visit to the oyster museum, where we learned everything about farming in English. On the way back we joined the "Cure Gourmande" cookie factory.There we bought some traditional French sweets. Julka Kubica 

15.10.2019 Tuesday 

We had a trip to two famous caves in France: The Replica of the Grotto Chauvet which is recognized as the Worlds Heritage. The Replica of the cave opened in 2015 was built for 3 years and cost 45 mln Euro. There we can see the traces of people living there 32-30 thousand years ago and about 3oo  paintings of animals (mammoths, bears, lions, rhinos, even the oldest painting of an owl) in black and red paint.

 The other unusual, gigantic, prehistoric cave was The Orgnac-l Aven, discovered in 1935 by Robert de Joly and opened to people a few years later. There you can find amazing shapes of stalagtites and stalagmites form giant palm trees, candles, organ pipes, columns and ochre-coloured draperies, and many more natural creations under the cave ceilings which reach heights of 55 meters. Overwhelming!

16.10.2019 Wednesday

We are sorry to say goodbye to these fantastic people taking part in the youth exchange and this fabulous place, Montpellier! To sum up we benefited a lot from this youth exchange. It is needed as a non-formal education tool because it expanded our knowledge and skills. Also we got  the stronger motivation to learn foreign languages. Honestly speaking, having new friendship we became more tolerant and understood the world better. Hopefully, we will see our friends one day again J)

French specialties

During the stay in France, we could try many local specialties: snails, calamari in tomato sauce or a pigeon on toast with liver and juniper. All these food made a great impression on us. Also we had the opportunity to eat in one of the best local restaurants. As an appetizer, we gota salad with breaded duck, half-cooked tuna. The main course consisted of cod and Chorizo ​​or Lam sauté. The most delicious were desserts: chocolate cake or Bavarian cake with red fruits.Many of us living in host families could try tapenade, roquefort, chevre cabecou, ​​dry aveyron sausage and many other things. A typical French family eats a light breakfast and a decent dinner.  Pozdrawiam 😊Paulina 

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